Below are a selection of testimonials we have received from customers after we have handled their claims. We believe that these testimonials demostrate that we are living up to our core values

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Thank you letter

"Thank you so much for getting that sorted out for me. In a difficult time your help has really been appreciated by Caron and me."

P. Westmoreland

"Thank you very much for the prompt, helpful and courteous way you handled my claim (the first claim I have ever made); I shall recommend you to all my friends very strongly."

Keith Bicknell

"Thank you for everything you have done so far; our communication with you, both by e-mail and telephone, has been the only positive point about the whole experience - you have been reliable and courteous in all our dealings and we sincerely appreciate that; ******** can certainly take a page from your book as far as customer service is concerned."

Antoinnette Rode

"Thank you for your timely & professional response. It’s nice not to have to cope with any hassle under such circumstances."

Mike Terrill

Testimonials 1

"Your quick positive response and understanding was much appreciated.

Thank you and kind regards.

Lucio Varanese

"Thank you for your prompt reply. This is service of a high level."

Michael Davis

"Dear Claims Team,

Thank you very much for your prompt attention and conclusion of the review.

In such difficult circumstances it is a pleasure to deal with a team that are both efficient and professional.

Thank you again.



Testimonials 2

"Dear Speciality Claims

Thank you for your message below and your confirmation that our claim has been accepted......our 13 year old will be very happy with this and I'm sure the 3DS won't know what's hit it after we buy the replacement games!

Thank you once again for your exceptional service with this and our other medical claim we are very grateful.

Best regards.


"Thanks for the super-fast reply, wish our other claims handling partners could match this response time!"

UK Insurer

"The IT system is user friendly, well designed, effective, efficient & transparent."

Insurer and Auditors comment

Testimonials 3

"We have no concerns over system security or data privacy controls."

UK Insurer

"I was very impressed with their communication skills."

Audit report statement

"Great news, Underwriters will be happy!"

UK Broker following £64k recovery

"That’s great news, thank you for all of your efforts."

Insurer in Asia following $30,000 recovery

Testimonials 4

"Hi Claire

That's great news thanks, especially as it's the first day of the school holidays, the kids have chickenpox, it's raining and we should be in sunny Italy!


"I'd like to thank-you very much indeed for the very professional and sympathetic way you have handled this claim for me. As you will appreciate, this has been a very difficult time for me and not all the agencies I've had to deal with have been as understanding as yourselves. Thank-you so much for making it as easy as it has been"

Jennifer Ramsay

"Dear Sirs

I wish to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks for the honourable and honest manner in which the settlement of my claim due to cancellation of our cruise has been dealt with.

It is unusual these days to encounter this sort of “does what it says on the tin” service and I intend to recommend your operation to all of my friends and colleagues.

Yours gratefully


"Dear Sirs. Thank you so very, very much, I cannot begin to describe how relieved I feel, were it not for my leg I would do a jig right now! I was warned and warned about insurance claims of all kinds and of how one had to fight for them, that they were always originally refused and yet you have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. I presume that my travel insurance is still running and this claim does not negate it? Only we are hoping to go to Canada in January, by which time even the sprain in the ligament in my right leg (I had a sprain as well as cartilege tears) should have cleared up. Give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back. Give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back. Warmest Gratitude."

Julia Pomeroy.

"We thank you for your reply to our Insurance Claim, and take note and accept the contents of your letter. We also thank you for the courteous way you have conducted this business, and can assure you that we will be delighted to stay with your company for the foreseeable future"

Malcolm Wise

"Thank you for settling my claim so quickly, I appreciate the fast settlement of my claim and due to my husband having terminal cancer this gives me slightly less stress at this difficult time of our life. Kind regard's. Thanks."

Mrs I.

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